The Design Room: Constant quality is always achieved with open communication and collaboration. Detailed drawings are produced with computer aided design, along with hand drafted elements, allowing for a variety of custom projects to be built quickly and efficiently. 

The Machine Room: The start of each project involves the process of turning raw & rough material into strong, stable and formable components. Well-maintained, industrial machinery with many dedicated setups allow for the accuracy and speed needed in high-end projects.

The Bench Room: Traditional hand tool skills blended with modern woodworking techniques create flawless joinery. The design is brought to life when individual parts, and pinpoint-accurate layouts, are assembled and constructed with an extreme attention to detail.

The Finish Room: Durable paints and clear coat finishes are applied with brushes and spray guns in this properly ventilated and intensely lit room. A spacious, dust free environment with filtered airways is designated for newly coated pieces to cure and dry.